Love and financial independence

Everyone knows I’m a natural spendthrift, I mean even new readers of the blog can tell as much from the title. Two things that might not be as immediately obvious are:

  • I’m generous. I give my time and financial resources to those that I consider worthy of them .
  • I’m currently in a relationship with Ms T, a veterinary student with a taste for sparkly things

Love love this movie – nothing to do with this post but there’s no Love and FI movie.

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2016 – the year of the spendthrift

So I tracked my spending pretty diligently from mid-August until the end of December (my end of December was the 25th because my months currently start on payday while I try to get a month ahead on my bills). I haven’t shared my findings in a single post yet, mainly because for the first 6 weeks I was tweaking my tracking. The last three months, I’ve been more consistent. Here’s what the last quarter of 2016 looked like.

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That awkward moment when you really want to say no it’s not OK but can’t!

furiousI’m furious! Nothing fills me quite so much with dread these days as the large group meals. You know the kind I mean? Birthday dinners. Or hen do brunches. Work ones are the worst for me now. They weren’t so bad when I was a consultant and could generally expense most of the costs. Neither was I so bothered when I didn’t mind shelling out fifty quid for a meal. Now that I’m on a pretty tight budget it’s quite a different story. Continue reading

Weekly spending W/C 12.09.16

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

It’s not been as easy as I would like to track my spending the last couple of weeks, mainly because of a couple of deferred spending scenarios – TFL I’m looking at you – that make it difficult to look at my accounts on Monday morning and know that every penny in them is actually mine. This week, though, because I didn’t get charged for travel on Sunday (weekly travel cap for the win), I’m in a much better place today. Continue reading

FIRE – I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…

tuscany_main_oI’ve been trying to learn Italian for a few years. My first trip, after I’d got a graduate job and felt entitled to start seeing the world (in style), was to Rome. I went with a work friend and we picked Rome because at the time we were obsessed with Dan Brown books and Angels and Demons had just been released. We wanted to see all the places that were mentioned in the book plus who doesn’t love Italy? I fell in love with the people, the culture, the food, the ambience, the weather (in March), and most of all the language. I don’t think I made any serious efforts to learn how to speak though until 2009 when I met my kick-ass friend FL who I girl-crushed on and wanted to impress with my language skills. Continue reading

Weekly spending – WC 15.08.16

This was my first week of tracking all my spending religiously. I’m trying to get a baseline, a sense of what I’m OK at, what needs improving as well as a way of tracking change over the next 2 years or so that I think it will take me to become totally debt free.


  • Oyster card top up £15 (contactless)
  • Bagel + peanut butter from staff canteen £1 (cash)
  • Sal Capone carbonara £4.95 (contactless)
  • Grocery shopping with the “person of interest” £14.57 (card)


  • Ham & egg sandwich from Eat £3.95 (card)
  • Brunch burger at Wetherspoons Croydon + Kronenburg £7.25 (card)

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