20 (not-so-frugal) days | #ufm2017 update

I should probably stop saying that I’m taking part in the uber frugal month challenge. Nothing about the last 10 days (since my last update) is particularly frugal. It’s been weeks one and two at my new job so there have been many lunches with colleagues. I’ve also struggled to manage my energy in the afternoons and succumbed to the temptations of a coffee and lemon drizzle pick-me-up at my nearest Benugo.

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How sucking at being frugal still trumps being a spendthrift

I’m 15 days into my uber frugal month and I’m going to be honest, I’m failing. I suppose I’m not just failing, as my last update showed, I’m failing hard. I’ve taken Ubers, I’ve bought clothes, I’ve bought lunch and takeaway repeatedly. I bought an awesome pair of yellow sneakers that I totally adore but given that it’s been raining  a lot, they might not have been the most practical purchase. Essentially I’m pretty sucky at being frugal.

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A third of the way through the uber frugal month challenge | an update


So last time out, I explained how I got into (and stayed in) debt. I’m getting my act together. I tracked my spending. I’ve written out my goals. I crated a budget. And, this month I signed up for The Frugalwoods’ uber frugal month (#ufm2017) with an aim to reset my hedonistic spending and establish an ideal (baseline) for my desired level of frugality.  Continue reading

Love and financial independence

Everyone knows I’m a natural spendthrift, I mean even new readers of the blog can tell as much from the title. Two things that might not be as immediately obvious are:

  • I’m generous. I give my time and financial resources to those that I consider worthy of them .
  • I’m currently in a relationship with Ms T, a veterinary student with a taste for sparkly things

Love love this movie – nothing to do with this post but there’s no Love and FI movie.

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2017: the year of the saver

I like introspection and challenges. I can’t seem to give my best unless I have stretch targets. I’m equally scared of failure and not so bothered by it (because anything in the direction of my target is better than where I started). New Year’s is always an extra special time of year in this regard, since everyone knows that the end of the year is meant for reflection and challenging oneself with New Year’s resolutions.

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