20 (not-so-frugal) days | #ufm2017 update

I should probably stop saying that I’m taking part in the uber frugal month challenge. Nothing about the last 10 days (since my last update) is particularly frugal. It’s been weeks one and two at my new job so there have been many lunches with colleagues. I’ve also struggled to manage my energy in the afternoons and succumbed to the temptations of a coffee and lemon drizzle pick-me-up at my nearest Benugo.

So what do the numbers look like?

Don’t forget that this excludes mandatory / fixed bills and is supposed to be essential spending only.

Category Planned Actual
Transport £30 £81.73
Travel £0 £0
Dating £15 £46.70
Food £30 £28.50
Personal care £0 £0
Social £15 £95.77
Sport £0 £0
Support £0 £0
Miscellaneous £10 £0
 TOTAL £100 £252.70

It’s safe to say, judging by how far over budget transport and socialising were, that there is nothing essential about this spending.

What pushed up those totals?

  1. I still haven’t started cycling. So my actual transport budget for 10 days is more like £52.20
  2. I had to get a rather expensive  Uber. Because I’m a klutz and forgot my coat at my mate’s. It was neither going to be wise or practical to wander through London in January with just a shirt. It cost me £22.83
  3. I’ve been spending at least £3.32 per day at work on a flat white and lemon drizzle cake. Add in 7 weekday lunches ranging from £5 to £25. That adds up
  4. I bought a bottle of Prosecco as a round even though I’m doing drynuary and was drinking water. My generosity continues to fail me.

It’s not been all bad though

  • I’ve not had to buy any moisturiser – because I’m mixing in coconut oil to my expensive Bodyshop body butter.
  • I’ve put £19.60 more into my emergency fund and am on track to hit my £55 target for the month.

That’s it! Two measly redeeming actions. I’m appalled at how much I’m spending at the moment but don’t know how to get back to the (relative) control I exhibited in September. I have decided to attempt a proper uber frugal month in February and to continue with another month sans alcohol. I suspect that the carrot (my goals / the prospect of distant FI) is less effective than the stick (withholding pleasure until I can get my act together). I’m going to have to keep trying because giving up now is not an option.

4 thoughts on “20 (not-so-frugal) days | #ufm2017 update

  1. Why haven’t you started cycling though?
    i’ll cut you a little slack for the uber, but buying a bottle?

    Gurrrrrllll, we have to rein that in.
    Also. The drizzle cake, that’s calorie free,right?


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