In August 2016 I realised that I’d spent almost 10 years being financially reckless. I earnt a decent wage but frittered away all my money on largely useless stuff. Sure, I’ve had some amazing adventures (travelling solo through India being an example), seen a bit of the world, owned some great kit and eaten amazing food (Dinings Marylebone is a highlight) but I wound up drowning in debt and generally unhappy. I finally worked out that there had to be more to life than my YOLO, FOMO, instant gratification attitude.

Since then, I’ve made a few changes including tacking my spending, creating a budget and cutting back on my fixed expenses.

This blog is my attempt to document the transformation from spendthrift to thrifty. You can start with a bit about my debt background or you can look at my initial thoughts on what I should be ideally spending as well as my current thinking in terms of goals and budget. Otherwise you can just dive into the blog to see everything I’ve written.