Weekly spending WC 29.08.16


  • Bus fare £1.50
  • Return ticket to Milton Keynes  £23.50


  • Savings (life fund AKA new bike fund) £100
  • Loan pay off £173.33


+£418.24 – side hustle income (Used for wedding travel and life funds)

  • Dinner with the person of interest (items I wouldn’t have bought otherwise) £5.99
  • Groceries £22.44
  • Uber to get my stuff from storage £9
  • PAYG transport £2.80
  • Savings (wedding travel & emergency fund) £422.78
  • Bank fees £34.33
  • Birthday present for my brother £20


  • PAYG transport £10.70
  • Football subs £140 (£40 will be refunded by team)


  • PAYG transport £5.80
  • Groceries for hosting dinner with friends £3.13


  • PAYG transport £4.80
  • Taxi to person of interest’s £6


  • PAYG transport £6.30
  • Dinner at Chicken shop £11

PS: All the values in bold are handled by my bills / side hustle budgets which I’m not tracking in these posts.


Living expenses Budgeted Actual Leftover
Transport £19.00 £31.90 £(12.90)
Food £25.00 £22.24 £2.76
Gifts £- £- £-
Social £10.00 £14.13 £(4.13)
Dating £19.00 £5.99 £13.01
Travel £27.00 £23.50 £3.50
Misc £15.00 £15.00 £-
Savings £- £- £-
£115.00 £112.76 £2.24

What did I do well?: I don’t think I had a best purchase this week.  I started my emergency fund (triggered by receiving a bill of £686 from an ex employer that overpaid me and now wants their money back). In the past I’ve had nothing to draw on except friends and/or family when anything unexpected came up. Now I have over £500 in savings.

What could I do better? My transport budget was based on my getting the bus to work. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to – it takes an hour and a half to get in on the bus unless I get in for 8 possibly. I also had to go to suburban Kent to get keys off my cousin because for 4 days next week I’ll stay at hers to look after her son whiles she’s away. I need to set more realistic expectations on this line item in my budget based on how likely I really am going to be to leave at 7/half 7 instead of 8.15.

Wash up: I didn’t spend a dime on plastic bags and I signed up to both Tesco’s club card and the Nectar card for Sainsbury’s shopping. I diverted my Lisbon side hustle money towards paying off a loan for which I was offered 40% off, as well as started life and emergency funds. I stayed within the lower £115 budget that I set myself to make up for going over last week so, all in all, this was a rather good week.

August summary


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.18.28 copy

Overall August was an OK month. Nearly 40% of my total income was spent on debt. Unfortunately about 8% of my income – lumped into the life (transport, food, travel & personal care) – was the motivation for this blog. I had £232 or so that I couldn’t account for in any way and which I would have preferred to spend on debt. Hopefully the September numbers will look better.

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