Money diary #2

I really tried this week to chalk up a few “no spend” days (other than my PAYG travel) but I kind of had the worst luck in terms of my health and injuries so Monday turned out to be the only day I didn’t spend. I had to cancel a trip to Oslo in favour of dedicating the time to my side-hustle (nailed it!) and spent some intentional time with friends. In spite of the rubbish run of luck, it was a rather decent week. Here’s what happened:

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Weekly spending: W/C 26/09/16


Pay day was last Monday. A few months ago, the preceding weekend would have been super painful. I’d have been on edge about unplanned expenditure – and all expenditure was unplanned by this point because I’d be running on fumes, would have borrowed money from someone or have pawned something of mine just to get through those few days before pay day. The weekend before last, I was still worried about unplanned spending (e.g. tape for my dodgy ankle) but it was because I was trying to save even more money for the expensive month ahead. Continue reading

Weekly spending W/C 12.09.16

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It’s not been as easy as I would like to track my spending the last couple of weeks, mainly because of a couple of deferred spending scenarios – TFL I’m looking at you – that make it difficult to look at my accounts on Monday morning and know that every penny in them is actually mine. This week, though, because I didn’t get charged for travel on Sunday (weekly travel cap for the win), I’m in a much better place today. Continue reading

Weekly spending – WC 15.08.16

This was my first week of tracking all my spending religiously. I’m trying to get a baseline, a sense of what I’m OK at, what needs improving as well as a way of tracking change over the next 2 years or so that I think it will take me to become totally debt free.


  • Oyster card top up £15 (contactless)
  • Bagel + peanut butter from staff canteen £1 (cash)
  • Sal Capone carbonara £4.95 (contactless)
  • Grocery shopping with the “person of interest” £14.57 (card)


  • Ham & egg sandwich from Eat £3.95 (card)
  • Brunch burger at Wetherspoons Croydon + Kronenburg £7.25 (card)

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