Weekly spending W/C 12.09.16

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It’s not been as easy as I would like to track my spending the last couple of weeks, mainly because of a couple of deferred spending scenarios – TFL I’m looking at you – that make it difficult to look at my accounts on Monday morning and know that every penny in them is actually mine. This week, though, because I didn’t get charged for travel on Sunday (weekly travel cap for the win), I’m in a much better place today.


  • PAYG transport £6.50
  • Groceries £9.46
  • Hosting gourmet burger dinner & film night £9.70
  • Toothpaste £1


Refund of US open deposit + small profit £8

  • PAYG transport £6.50
  • Double charged (instead of refund) for returned skinny jeans £9.99


  • PAYG transport £6.50
  • Colleague’s wedding present contribution £5
  • Taxi to second job (having forgotten I was working) £10
  • Drinks for the person of interest £2


Cleaning the house as a replacement for our (fairly useless) cleaner £20 – added to my “life fund” savings account

  • PAYG transport £6.50
  • Ticket to Milton Keynes £14.50
  • Cookies £0.70


Refund of the second charge for skinny jeans £9.99

  • PAYG transport £3.50
  • Passport photos £5
  • Hanging with the person of interest £7.79


  • PAYG transport £4.70
  • Milk £0.45
  • Pizza Express £16


  • Bread and ham from off licence £2.60



Living expenses Budgeted Actual Leftover
Transport £32.50 £34.20 £(1.70)
Food £25.00 £16.00 £9.00
Giving/gifts £10.00 £5.00 £5.00
Social £13.00 £25.70 £(12.70)
Dating £23.80 £7.00 £16.80
Travel £14.50 £14.50 £-
Misc £6.20 £16.00 £(9.80)
Savings £- £- £-
£125.00 £118.40 £6.60

What I did well: This is both a “best purchase” and what I did well, switching from an ad-hoc transport budget (relying on optimistic numbers of buses) to a “weekly travel card”. I took the bus whenever I liked and chose the fastest routes to get wherever I was going knowing that I was only going to be charged £32.50 (or £34.20 as it turned out because I didn’t realise that I went to a zone 3 station).

What I could do better? I’ve moaned for the 6 months I’ve lived at my current place about the lack of an off-licence close to the house and needing to walk 10 minutes to the nearest supermarket. Be careful what you wish for or you might just get it – that’s what I discovered this last week. I finally found a corner shop close to ours and found a loaf of bread there costs £1.60 – nearly twice as much as the same brand from Tesco and 3 times as much as my regular own brand 50p buying option. This will not happen again. I will walk those additional 7 minutes or more to ensure the only pounds I’ll be losing in the future are in weight.

Wash up Coming in £6.60 under budget was lovely especially because I also spent an unplanned £26 on the black cab and Pizza Express. It’s comforting to know that I’m now staying within budget quite easily and able to deal with unexpected expenses without dipping into my life or slush funds.

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