Weekly spending – W/C 19/09/16


Enchiladas for double date night with the housemate

In a week dominated by hosting far too many joyful expenses and unexpectedly expensive stuff to deal with injury and illness, I still managed to stay on budget.


  • Loan to my brother to see him till his first pay check £50
  • PAYG transport (£6.50)
  • Lunch with an awesome friend (£7.50)


  • PAYG transport (£5.90)


  • Stuff for home manicure & personal care (£10)
  • PAYG transport (£6.50)
  • Wine for the person of interest (£3.99)
  • Groceries from the Cooperative (£8.99)


+ Tips from side hustle (£3.85)

  • Snacks at side hustle job (£0.80)
  • Hosting dinner with friends (£10)
  • Loan to cousin to round up payment (£13)
  • PAYG transport (£6.50)
  • Loan to friend (£150)


  • PAYG transport (£6.50)
  • Ice spray and bandage (£7.68)
  • Groceries including stuff for date night (£19.95)


  • PAYG transport (£0.50)
  • Lemsip, Lemsip max and ankle strapping (£12.87)


OMD!!! I believe I had my very first no-spend day


Summary of life (transport, food, dating, personal care & miscellaneous) expenses

Living expenses Budgeted Actual Leftover
Transport £32.50 £32.40 £0.10
Food £20.00 £23.85 £(3.85)
Gifts £10.00 £- £10.00
Social £13.00 £17.50 £(4.50)
Dating £15.00 £8.98 £6.02
Travel £14.50 £- £14.50
Misc £5.00 £30.55 £(25.55)
Savings £15.00 £- £15.00
£125.00 £113.28 £11.72

What did I do well? Not spending anything on the Sunday makes up for the myriad joyful expenses I had hosting various friends through the week. And staying within budget for the week too* considering the unplanned £25.55 I had to spend on meds  for a cold and stuff for a sprained ankle.

What could I do better? I paid for grocery bags and didn’t particularly meal plan. I really also need to take my grandpa’s advice – neither a borrower or a lender be. At the moment I’m not borrowing any money but I’m lending a relatively large amount of money. My cousin might have forgotten she was supposed to pay me back the money I added to her payment the day after as she hasn’t mentioned it nearly a week on. Thankfully the slush fund was big enough to absorb that.

Wash up: My housemate and I had various friends as well as our persons of interest over for a few different meals – enchiladas, piadinas, chilli & a glorious brunch of bagels, tomato, bacon, avocado and cream cheese. It was obviously pricier than just cooking for me but these are the things that would have previously cost me around a £100 a week. £20 seems like a luxuriously thrifty amount to spend on building relationships.

*There’s an outstanding £27 that I need to pay back to a couple of mates that loaned me cash towards the referee and pitch for the football game we played on the Saturday but I haven’t paid it back AND it’s covered by the £40+ the football team needs to refund me for subs from earlier in the month.


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