Money diary #8

I thought this might be my last money diary for a while – because I thought I’d got my act together. This is rather far from the truth. The second half of last week saw quite the spectacular increase discretionary spend for the problem areas – dating and socialising. I didn’t feel guilty for all of it though because I had a spectacular weekend. Here’s how things panned out:

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 12.09.38

Ally Pally was a spectacular venue for ice hockey


My annual fee for membership of the British Film Institute (BFI) went out from my account. The £40 I pay for this is mainly so I can get early access to tickets for their Flare film festival which is literally my favourite thing in London. We watch RuPaul’s Drag race as a social thing at work on Mondays and I wasn’t feeling my rice and bean chilli lunch so stopped off at a Vietnamese restaurant to get some takeaway to eat while we watched (£9.80). I had to go home to do laundry so picked up some detergent (£3.50), lamb on sale as well as pancakes and meatballs for dinner(£8.88).


I chowed down on four (4! – £5.20) croissants on my way back from work then picked up some groceries for dinner from the upmarket grocery store (£7.19). A friend called me in need of a bailout so I transferred £200 to be returned at a time that is comfortable for her. Lots of friends stepped in and bailed me out when I was in need so I like to think I’m just paying this forward plus she’s super bad-ass and has done the same for me. I had too many rich foods and far too little exercise (given that I’m supposed to be losing weight / getting fit) through February so to super-charge my March I paid for a boot camp pass for 10 sessions (£25) via Groupon.


I had a delightful day working from home. My mate came over and we caught up / worked through the day. We stopped at midday to pick up some lunch which she paid for because I got it last time and when we flagged later in the afternoon I got us some sweet treats (£6.18).   We watched 4 episodes of The Bold Type – one of my favourite shows at the moment –  on Amazon Prime (£0) and then I headed off to my mate’s for a fabulous mid-week roast dinner (£0).


I had no chill (or control) on Thursday and once again eschewed a perfectly good packed lunch for Wasabi with my colleague (£8.90). The person of interest made the rice and bean chilli that I’ve been carrying around with me for a week. I should stop trying to eat things that I don’t really want because it makes me spend more money than if I just meal prepped my favourite rice & various things lunches instead.

After work I went to see my mate perform at a Queer open mic night in Dalston. I used to think I hated poetry but I’ve realised that reading poetry out of books is the problem. When I watch poets read their work, it’s infused with emotion and meaning that I never get solo. This event was totally worth the £3 entry and I will attend future sessions. I got my mate a corona too (£4) but only had a sausage roll from Simit Sarayi (£4.95) on my way there. I thought I’d booked tickets to see Black Panther (£5) but I’d find out on Friday that because there was a technical glitch midway through booking, I’d booked the wrong date.


We get free manicures and massages on paydays. I didn’t sign up for either because I had a lot of meetings and stuff to do. I gave my friend the £5 that she needed for hers(£5). Lunch involved saying goodbye to a temp who was leaving. We got the buffet lunch at Pizza hut (£7.95) which was great for my wallet but rubbish for my waistline. I discovered the mistake re the cinema tickets so had to buy a new set for Odeon in Covent Garden (£23.32) and we shared a large popcorn in lieu of dinner (£5.30). I liked the film but I couldn’t stop thinking all of the killing could have been prevented if ‘Killmonger’ had just got some therapy or expressed his feelings – y’all need to deal with toxic masculinity. It’s not great.


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 12.09.38 (2)

Harringay Huskies versus Bristol Pitbulls – he Huskies won 3-1

Oh, I would give many things to have another weekend like this one. Having gone to bed fairly early (11pm on a Friday night), we (the person of interest and I) laid in a bit then had Domino’s for breakfast at about half 11 (£23.18 since I treated). We then went up to Alexandra Palace to watch our first ice hockey game – yes there’s a league in London – which was super fun. In spite of my attempts to resist having some more junk food, we capitulated and got a burger and fries with some sodas for a very reasonable £9. I paid since “bae” had got the tickets. In total, we spent about £20 which is the cheapest experience I’ve ever had watching professional sports. Win!


I know I shouldn’t have done this but Saturday had felt a bit like a “staycation” so Sunday morning I couldn’t resist and took the person of interest to one of my favourite brunch places. I had the best English breakfast I’ve ever had – the bacon was perfectly un-crispy, there was a burger and the avocado was AMAZEBALLS (£24.07). Not sure why a lot of my spending this week is for really odd numbers. I played football afterwards (£0)and my mate was kind enough to buy me a breakfast tea at the pub afterwards.  My mate and I then went back to mine to finish off the Bold Type (£0), see The Age of Adaline (£3.49 on Amazon Prime because Netflix was broken) and had some takeaway Indian (£18.55).

Wrap up

If I were just to look at the numbers, this was quite the spectacular fail. However, I felt like most of the money I spent was mostly for the good of relationships. I ate out (or got take away for) 6 out of 16 meals though, that was shabby. The weekend felt like a vacation and the mix of rest and activity was perfect. I’ll need to stock up on frozen meals in the future so that weekends like that can come in within budget.

  • Total budgeted for the week: £53.04
  • Total spent: £210.86 OUCH!

You can catch up on other money diaries from this year

NB: All the diary entries are only my discretionary spending and exclude savings, housing, utilities and other more fixed costs.
NB2: All the things in green were budgeted for / in budget and the stuff in red was unplanned (for this week) or higher than budgeted.

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