Weekly spending W/C 12.09.16

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It’s not been as easy as I would like to track my spending the last couple of weeks, mainly because of a couple of deferred spending scenarios – TFL I’m looking at you – that make it difficult to look at my accounts on Monday morning and know that every penny in them is actually mine. This week, though, because I didn’t get charged for travel on Sunday (weekly travel cap for the win), I’m in a much better place today. Continue reading

Weekly spending – WC 15.08.16

This was my first week of tracking all my spending religiously. I’m trying to get a baseline, a sense of what I’m OK at, what needs improving as well as a way of tracking change over the next 2 years or so that I think it will take me to become totally debt free.


  • Oyster card top up £15 (contactless)
  • Bagel + peanut butter from staff canteen £1 (cash)
  • Sal Capone carbonara £4.95 (contactless)
  • Grocery shopping with the “person of interest” £14.57 (card)


  • Ham & egg sandwich from Eat £3.95 (card)
  • Brunch burger at Wetherspoons Croydon + Kronenburg £7.25 (card)

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