A wonderfully classy frugal night in


I love Christmas. It’s my second favourite time of year. Mainly because it’s the one time of year that people hang with family (whether by choice or not). London empties out because everyone heads home for the holidays. I got a seat on the Northern line before 9 this morning – Northern line residents will understand how incredible this is north of Balham and south of High Barnet. So, when it came to planning a pre dispersal gathering with my friends, it was easy to settle on a wine and cheese evening in.wine-and-cheese Continue reading

Anatomy of a chronic spendthrift | How did I get into this mess?

People, including myself, often wonder how I’ve survived 6 years of crippling debt. How did I let it get so bad? How could I sleep at night? How do I remain cheerful and upbeat even when I have £20 in my wallet to last me a week? How do I stay generous – even going as far as taking on debt to help someone out? How did I keep it all to myself? How didn’t I crack under the pressure? I like to attribute the answers to all these questions to one thing, it’s just the way I am. Let me break it down though. Continue reading

Advent challenges | How I intend to build discipline this festive period

December is my second favourite month of the year, after October. I love the festive spirit, the laid back work vibes, as well as the tons of christmas parties, drinks and what not that are scheduled. All of this stuff usually has an impact, on waistlines and wallets.  Last year I took part in my first Advent running challenge – the premise is based on the Advent calendar with an aim to run everyday for the 25 days from December 1st till Christmas day.

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How to make 3 hours of mundane driving delightful

Music is one of the wee luxuries I allow myself. I haven’t bought music for years but I would go to live performances and gigs for some of my favourite bands. I’d also go to music festivals. I think experiencing Emeli Sande, Florence & the machine, Sick of Sarah, Kasabian, etc is worth the ticket prices. Obviously, now I’m on my frugal journey I’ve had to rein things a bit and I keep my enjoyment of music frugal by making Spotify one of my mandatory expenses and going to free gigs at pubs and what not instead.

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