Cheap, tasty, healthy food

A couple of days ago I reviewed August’s spending and surmised that I need to do better with dining out. Then I promptly went out and spent £72.05 on dim sum, tons of Prosecco, an excellent cappuccino & Baileys as well as a below average burger. I really need to cut back on dining out and eat more meals at home. So I went to the grocery store to get ingredients that I love individually and hopefully create some tasty yet healthy meals that would prevent me from dining out and hopefully help me lose some weight.

Selection of vegetables and meat

~ £21 worth of meat and veg to get me through the next week

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I was totally influenced by an advert


I can’t remember what stations I’ve seen them in but I saw Hache burgers on the tube quite a lot last week and had quite the hankering for a gourmet burger – as opposed to the Big Tasty I had in a wee drunken haze last week. I had plans to meet a friend of mine on Monday night for cocktails out in Clapham since we both live there but usually hang out in central or North London. However after the shenanigans of Sunday we decided to watch Freeheld at mine instead with burgers & rum cocktails.

I went grocery shopping (Tesco to use my newly acquired club card) with a clear idea of what I wanted to get: Continue reading

Chicken and vegetable pita pockets

The person of interest watched their first ever episode of the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) last week as a favour to me but enjoyed it so much that we now have a weekly GBBO standing date. Yesterday we decided to make something summery and different from our usual frugal options of pasta, rice or potato based meals. We looked in my cookbooks and couldn’t agree on anything so in the end we made up this dish – chicken pita pockets with potato salad and coleslaw. Continue reading

Loaded potato skins

I love food. I come from a family where we start talking/planning dinner when we wake up. I rate holidays/foreign locations based on how much I enjoyed my food there – so I didn’t care for Prague but I absolutely adored Bologna. In my previous incarnation as a spendthrift, I also thought nothing of spending £30-50 on a nice meal out with a friend or romantic interest or £20 on take away. I’ve obviously been forced into frugality so have no room in my budget for such things but want to maintain my passion for food. What better way to spice things up that to start learning how to make new dishes? Last night the person of interest asked for loaded potato skins. Continue reading